Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Integration in the Cloud

The end of the year gives some time to relax, watch television and to read the many blog posts that have piled up in my reader. A lot of cloud stuff obviously, predictions for next year. James Urquhart mentions 7 businesses to watch out for, and on nr 2 is "Enterprise Integration as a Service". Couldn't agree more.

Urquhart refers to Boomi as an example of Integration through the cloud. I remember Boomi as a smaller B2B software vendor from around the period the AS2 protocol took off. Boomi's cloud offering and pricing remain a bit blurry to me. Should play around with the 30-day trial some day. But not today, Dec. 31st ;-)

What I don't understand is that John M Willis picks RabbitMQ as the "Best Cloud Orchestration Tools in the Cloud". RabbitMQ is a messaging solution based on the AMQP standard protocol. Maybe I'm overlooking something, but I don't see any AMQP whatsoever in the B2B integration space.

Authored by: Guy