Sunday, February 28, 2010

B2B market keeps moving

As mentioned in the blog post of Gartner analyst Benoit Lheureux, the market of B2B products keeps moving, e.g. the acquisition of Foresight by Tibco.

Interesting blog post as well on the SAP Developer Network: SAP will increase its stake in Crossgate and SAP sales people will (re-)sell the Crossgate B2B service offering.

Note: I always confuse Crossgate and Northgate. NorthgateArinso is a SAP oriented provider of HR IT services and acquired the Belgian company Arinso.

Authored by: Guy

Monday, February 8, 2010

SOAP over JMS not a standard

I was really convinced it was a standard. Apparantly not. The best I can find is a W3C recommendation ( It seems it never made it to be a standard. Also in the JMS spec (, there is only mention of HTTP as transport for a SOAP binding.
A bit strange, WSIF has had this possibility for years (

Maybe creating standards is becoming more difficult? Too many parties involved? Too much at stake?

I have to admit that JMS remains limited to the java space. Maybe one day we will have SOAP/AMQP ( I'm hoping on it.

Authored by: Jeroen